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We believe in providing customers the best repairs, with the best parts. You shouldn’t have to lose touch with what matters due to a broken phone. Our highly skilled team offers fast, reliable repairs on any of your mobile devices. Visit us for cell phone and computer repair in Middlebury, VT.

Why do people choose Tech Medic? Most important to our customers is our expert workmanship and quality parts. Meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff whose goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for every customer.

Our highly trained technicians perform repairs on every brand of phone, Mac and PC. Our many services include cracked screen replacement, cell phone repair, battery replacement and computer repair in Middlebury.

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Yukio McDonough: Co-Founder and Technical Director at Tech Medic, Middlebury

Yukio McDonough, a dynamic entrepreneur and audio engineering aficionado, co-founded Tech Medic alongside his wife, Theresa, in Middlebury, Vermont. This venture combines his extensive background in technology, management, and media production, creating a cornerstone for local tech solutions and repair services.

A graduate of Purchase College with a degree in Management, Yukio also cultivated a deep passion for audio engineering and media production during his studies. He translated this passion into a successful career by establishing his own recording studio in Burlington, VT. Here, he not only produced music but also shared his expertise by teaching the art of production to aspiring students and served as an adjunct professor with the Recording Connection School.

Yukio’s technical skills were further honed through his work as an engineer at local CBS and PBS TV stations, experiences that enriched his understanding of technology’s role in media and communications. His entrepreneurial journey continued to evolve as he launched Tech Medic with Theresa, focusing on delivering top-notch tech repair services and IT support.

Currently, Yukio channels his diverse expertise into growing Tech Medic and sharing his knowledge through TechWithTech, a cutting-edge tech Magazine. His goal is to empower individuals by demystifying the latest tech trends, products, and services, making technology accessible and useful in improving everyday life.

Join Yukio at Tech Medic and on TechWithTech as he explores the transformative power of technology, guiding users to leverage tech solutions that enhance and simplify their daily activities.

Theresa McDonough: Co-Founder and Lead Technician at Tech Medic, Middlebury

Theresa McDonough is not only a dedicated mom and wife but also a seasoned entrepreneur with deep roots in the tech and real estate industries. Her journey in the tech world began in earnest in 2013 when she co-founded a cell phone and computer repair shop. This venture paved the way for her to establish Tech Medic in Middlebury, Vermont, a hub for both hardware and software repairs that draws customers from across the state.

Born and raised in Vermont, Theresa earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Health Information Technology. Her commitment to continuous learning led her to further specialize in cellular repair, acquiring advanced training from the Cellular Repair School in Arizona. This expertise has been instrumental in positioning Tech Medic as a leader in the repair industry.

Theresa’s advocacy in the Right to Repair movement took a public turn in 2018 when she supported the Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG) in Montpelier. Her impactful testimony at the state house and subsequent interviews, including with Vermont Public Radio, highlighted her as a leading voice in the movement. In 2019, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission recognized her influence by inviting her to their “Nixing the Fix” workshop in Washington, DC. Her contributions were also featured on CBS Sunday Morning in October 2020, underscoring the significance of consumer choice and competition in the repair industry.

Through her online Tech Magazine and Tech Medic, Theresa continues to share her knowledge and experiences, empowering consumers to better understand and manage their tech needs. Her leadership at Tech Medic and her role in the Right to Repair movement make her a respected figure in the tech community, advocating for practical and fair solutions in technology access and repair.