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Quality ipod iphone repair at Tech Medic
Tech Medic repairs ipods iphones ipads

CRS Certified Technician

• iPod Touch

• iPod 5th Gen

• iPod 4th Gen

• iPod Nano

Our qualified techs repair the following:

• Screen/ LCD

• Back Cover

• Rear Camera

• Front Facing Camera

• Battery

• Proximity Sensor

• Speaker/Microphone

• Wifi Antenna

• Charging Port

• Water Damage

Certified ipod phone repair Addison VT Tech Medic
Professional ipod iphone repair at Tech Medic

From broken to fixed. It’s that simple.

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Tech Medic is Vermont's most trusted and recommened cell phone repair shop. We offer quality, fast and affordable ipod, ipad, cell phone, pc and macbook repairs in Middlebury, VT. If you find yourself in possession of a broken mobile device or Macbook computer stop in today to see how we can help! We also buy used cellphones, tablets and laptops for cash! Stop by to see how we can help you today!

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